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21/08/2019Wednesday7:30 am7:00 pm7:00 pm
22/08/2019Thursday7:20 am7:00 pm7:00 pmSecond Shacharit 9:15am
23/08/2019Friday7:30 am7:00 pm7:00 pm
24/08/2019Saturday9:30 am9:20 pm9:30 pm
25/08/2019Sunday8:45 am6:45 pm6:45 pm
26/08/2019Monday7:20 am6:45 pm6:45 pm
27/08/2019Tuesday7:30 am6:45 pm6:45 pm
28/08/2019Wednesday7:30 am6:45 pm6:45 pm
29/08/2019Thursday7:20 am6:45 pm6:45 pm
30/08/2019Friday7:30 am6:45 pm6:45 pm
31/08/2019Saturday9:30 am9:00 pm9:10 pmRosh Chodesh
01/09/2019Sunday8:30 am6:20 pm6:20 pmRosh Chodesh
02/09/2019Monday7:20 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
03/09/2019Tuesday7:30 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
04/09/2019Wednesday7:30 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
05/09/2019Thursday7:20 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
06/09/2019Friday7:30 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
07/09/2019Saturday9:30 am8:40 pm8:51 pm
08/09/2019Sunday8:45 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
09/09/2019Monday7:20 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
10/09/2019Tuesday7:30 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
11/09/2019Wednesday7:30 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
12/09/2019Thursday7:20 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
13/09/2019Friday7:30 am6:20 pm6:20 pm
14/09/2019Saturday9:30 am8:20 pm8:31 pm
15/09/2019Sunday8:45 am6:05 pm6:05 pm
16/09/2019Monday7:20 am6:05 pm6:05 pm
17/09/2019Tuesday7:30 am6:05 pm6:05 pm
18/09/2019Wednesday7:30 am6:05 pm6:05 pm
19/09/2019Thursday7:20 am6:05 pm6:05 pm
20/09/2019Friday7:30 am6:05 pm6:05 pm
21/09/2019Saturday9:30 am8:00 pm8:12 pm
22/09/2019Sunday8:15 am7:00 pm7:00 pm
23/09/2019Monday7:05 am7:00 pm7:00 pm
24/09/2019Tuesday7:05 am7:00 pm7:00 pm
25/09/2019Wednesday7:05 am7:00 pm7:00 pm
26/09/2019Thursday7:05 am7:00 pm7:00 pm
27/09/2019Friday7:05 am6:48 pm6:48 pm
28/09/2019Saturday9:30 am7:40 pm7:53 pm