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The Glasgow Kashrus authority is West of Scotland Kashrus Commission (WSKC) and is under the supervision of Rabbi A Moshe Rubin (Rabbi of Giffnock Synagogue).

UK Kashrut Symbols / Hechshers

WSKC Supervised Kosher Shops, Cafes & Caterers

  • Mark’s Deli
    • 0141 638 8947
    • 6 Burnfield Road, Giffnock, Glasgow, G46 7QB
    • Supplies “in house” produced kosher products, including meat & diary food, dips & salads, in addition to goods from other kosher suppliers.
    • The Deli also has a fleishig cafe open for lunch and can provide take away sandwiches and meals for Shabbat.
    • Note limited hours on Friday and Sunday – see website for details.
    • Under the Kashrus supervision of WSKC
  • L’Chaim’s Restaurant
    • 0141 638 6116
    • 222 Fenwick Rd Giffnock Glasgow, G46 6UE
    • The Restaurant may also organise food for Shabbat and where you have a large group may open on Shabbat.(Important You must pre book).
    • L’Chaim’s Kosher Catering can also cater and supply food for Kiddush at Shul, Weddings, Barmitzvahs, Dinner Parties and Shabbos Food.
  • Groceries & Bread

    • Bread under the supervision of WSKC (pas yisroel)
      • Newlands Bakery – 0141 632 9148
      • The bread is sold through Mark’s Deli
    • Bread (pas palter) under the supervision of other hechshers (KLBD & SKA) is available at most supermarkets – check for hechsher
    • Supermarkets with Kosher sections (not under supervision of WSKC – please check hechshers)
      • Morrisons Giffnock (including meat, cheese & wine) – 38 Fenwick Road Giffnock, Glasgow G46 6AA
      • Sainsbury Local Giffnock (small selection only) – 188 Fenwick Road Giffnock, Glasgow G46 6UE
      • Asda Newton Mearns (including meat) – Ayr Rd, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77 6EY
      • Waitrose Newton Mearns (including meat & cheese) – 2 Greenlaw Place, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77 6GW
      • Tesco Silverburn – 751 Barrhead Rd, Glasgow G53 6AG
      • Sainsbury Darnley – 10 Darnley Mains Rd, Glasgow G53 7RH

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