Jewish Life and Religious Services.

We are the only shul in Scotland that has 3 daily services. Our shul provides support for every part of the Jewish lifecycle.

Giffnock Minyan and Shul services

We have Minyanim for all Tefilot, 365 Days a year, 3 times a day.
Shabbat morning we start at 9.30am, weekday services are Sunday 8.45 pm, Monday & Thursday 7.20 am and Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 7.30 am. These times change for fast days, Rosh Chodesh or Bank Holidays.
Mincha & Maariv varies according to the time of the year.

For a table of Service times for the next two weeks click here.

Please note: In the summer when Shabbat comes in very late the community takes on Shabbat earlier with Plag Hamincha.

Rabbi’s Services

The Rabbi’s services are available for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Funerals and Shivah. Contact the Rabbi directly on 0141 577 8251. For the first three, the Rabbi will meet with you to discuss all aspects of your event and will also hold a rehearsal in the Shul prior to the occasion. In the event of the last two, the Rabbi will guide you though the mourning process and explain the procedures involved and the reasons why.

We are now Giffnock Newton Mearns Synagogue! Our website is in the process of being updated to the new brand.