Scotland’s Largest Shul!

Giffnock Shul is the largest Shul in Scotland with a membership of around 800 members. We also have a Banqueting Suite which can host functions up to 230 people and a Reception Hall which can accommodate up to 100. Both of these are available for hire for private functions, social events, organisational meetings and public forums.

The complex also houses a suite of rooms on the upper level used by various organisations including the JCC, JIA, Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, SCoJeC, Queens Park Charitable Trust, JNF KKL Scotland and others. The basement houses the Beth Medraish in which daily services take place and the Communal Mikveh. There is also a restaurant run by Glasgow Lubavitch (opening times vary) and a flat which is currently used by the Chaplaincy Board.

Educational classes on a wide variety of subjects from learning to read Hebrew or speak Ivrit to Talmudic Shiurim are available and there is a wide variety of books available from the Shul library.

The Synagogue is also home to the beautiful stained glass windows designed by John Clark and originally commissioned by Queens Park Hebrew Congregation. The windows depict both Shabbat and the various festivals and can be viewed by arrangement with the Synagogue office.

The Shul is always happy to welcome visitors. If you are planning to come to Giffnock, please check the website for details of accommodation and food.

Founders of Giffnock Shul

S Abramson, B L Banks, S Barclay, S Barnett, J Benson, L Benson, P Berger, B R Cates, L Cohen, A Collins, D Coorsh, Mrs F Coorsh, S Coorsh, P Coutts, W Dunitz, D Elston, L Ferrar, A Gelfer, J Gelfer, J Goldberg, A Goobler, H Gordon, J Gordon, S Gould, S Grace, A Granet, H Harris, B Hylander, J Hylander, J H Kapper, N Katz, R S Khan, J Krevitsky, M Lee, J Levitt, E Levitus, M Levitus, J Lewis, W Marco, C Markson, Mrs. J Markson, J Markson, S Meadow, J Mendelson, E Naftalin, H Ness, B Nettler, H N Norton, H Rimmer, R Seigle, S Shur, D Silver, H Silver, W Silver, M Silverstein, M Silverstone, C Stein, R Terley, B Vertis.


  • 1934 – 1945 | Rev J Vainstein
  • 1946 – 1964 | Rabbi A L Rubinstein
  • 1965 – 1967 | Rabbi Dr S Herman
  • 1968 – 1971 | Rabbi J Rosen
  • 1971 – 1975 | Rabbi D Miller
  • 1975 – 1982 | Rev A Gamzu (Acting Minister)
  • 1982 – 1998 | Rabbi P Greenberg
  • 1999 – Now | Rabbi M Rubin (Assistant Minister 1994-1998)


  • 1959 – 1963 | Rev P. Copperman
  • 1964 – 1990 | Rev E. Levy

Honorary Life Presidents

  • Monty Cowan
  • Dr Bernard Groden
  • Malcolm Livingstone
  • Dr Kenneth Collins
  • Ephraim Borowski
  • Raymond Strang

We are now Giffnock Newton Mearns Synagogue! Our website is in the process of being updated to the new brand.